CV of prof. Mateo Žagar


Mateo Žagar (1965), PhD, is full professor at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Zagreb (Chair of Old Church Slavonic, Department of Croatian Language and Literature). His specialisation is in the study of Glagolitic script and texts written in the Croatian version of Old Church Slavonic language. He has participated in numerous international symposia and has held a series of lectures at several European universities (Budapest, Ljubljana, Udine, London, Heidelberg, Bonn, Wuerzburg, Graz). He is the author of two books (Kako je tkan tekst Bašćanske ploče, 1997; Grafolingvistika srednjovjekovnih tekstova, 2007), and also coauthor of two other books (Mali staroslavensko-hrvatski rječnik, 2004; A historical outline of literary Croatian / The glagolitic heritage of Croatian culture, 2008).