CV of prof. Anna-Marija Totomanova


Anna-Marija Totomanova became associate professor in 1995 and full professor in 2009. She is one of the founders of the Cyrillo-Methodian Studies Department at the University of Sofia, where she delivers courses in History of Bulgarian language, Palaeoslavonic language, Translation from Old Church Slavonic into modern Bulgarian, New and Old Bulgarian literary norm. Between 1997-2000 she worked as Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Education. Her research field ranges from Palaeoslavonic Studies (historical phonetics and morphology of the Bulgarian language, publication of medieval texts, studies on the translation from OCS into modern Bulgarian, and so on) to the educational policies and practices in the new European context. In the mid-Nineties she contributed to deciphering the so-called Vatican Palimpsest and prepared the text for publication. Her monograph On Bulgarian Historical Phonetics has already two editions. In 2008 she published the text of the Slavic version of the Chronicle of George Synkellus and proved that the Slavic text contained an unknown excerpt of the Africanus Chronography for the years from the Creation of the world to the Resurrection of Christ.