CV of prof. Mario Capaldo


Mario Capaldo (Atripalda 1945) studied at the Catholic University of Milan. During his university studies he also attended courses at the universities of Belgrade, Zagreb, Sofia, Prague, Bratislava and Moscow. Besides Slavistics he studied Classical and Byzantine Philology, Semitistics, Anatolian languages, Indo-iranian Philology. He graduated in Classical Literature in 1971 discussing a thesis on the Romance of Alexander in the Slavic-byzantine tradition.

In 1975 he was appointed as a lecturer in Slavic Philology at the University of Salerno. He became full professor in 1987. Since 1994 he has been in charge of the chair of Slavic Philology at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.

Together with William R. Veder, he has been for 20 years the editor of “Polata knigopis’naja”; since 2006 this journal has been published by a new editorial board in Columbus (Ohio) as an electronic source. Together with Antonella d’Amelia, of the University of Salerno, he founded another journal, “Europa Orientalis”, which has reached its 29th year of existence. Since 2003, together with Sante Graciotti, he has been the editor in chief of “Ricerche slavistiche. New series”.

He is taking part in the research project named “Rome, Constantinople, Moscow: from Rome to the Third Rome”, at the University of Rome (together with Paolo Siniscalco, Faculty of Humanities, and Pierangelo Catalano, Faculty of Law).

He has participated with his own presentation in more than seventy international scholarly meetings: from the seminar on Das Paterikon von Methodius organised by F. V. Mareš (Vienna 1974) to the First Hilandar Conference organised by Mateja Matejić (Columbus, Ohio, 1981), to the conference on The Legacy of Saints Cyril and Methodius to the Slavs: On the Millenium of the Conversion of the Russians to Christianity (Thessaloniki 1988), to the symposium patronised by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts dedicated to Proučavanje srednjovekovnih južnoslovenskih rukopisa (Belgrade 1989), to the Second Meeting of the Biblical Commission at the MKS (Moscow, Patriarchate of the Russian Church, 1990), to the Conference on Glagoljica i hrvatski glagolizam organised by the Staroslavenski institut (Zagreb - Krk, 2002), to the Vtorye Lichačevskie čtenija (Saint Petersburg, Puškinskij dom, 24th-28th November 2003).

He obtained the following degrees honoris causa: University of Blagoevgrad (1999), University of Sofia (2007), University of Veliko Tărnovo (2007).